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    Twitch Drops Redux for Defiance 2050

    We’re back, Ark Hunters! Join us for our August 10 livestream for a chance at an all-new Defiance 2050 Twitch Drop!

    Missed our last Twitch Drop that celebrated the launch of Defiance 2050? We’re back at it! On August 10, 2018, join us live on Twitch from 10:30 – 11:30 AM PDT and participate in the chat for a chance to win in-game prizes. Plus, if you link your Twitch and Defiance 2050 accounts and watch the livestream for at least fifteen minutes, you’ll earn a Defiant Few Recon Outfit and Headgear!*

    Here’s how it works:


    1. Create a Twitch Account

    Sign up for a Twitch account or login to your existing Twitch account.

    2. Link Your Defiance 2050 and Twitch Accounts

    Link your accounts here. If you play Defiance 2050 on PlayStation® 4 or Xbox One, you will need to first link your console and Defiance accounts by following these steps. If you do not link your account before watching the stream, you cannot get the free mount.

    3. Watch Our Livestream for 15+ Minutes

    Watch our Defiance 2050 livestream on Twitch (www.twitch.tv/trionworlds) on Friday, August 10, 2018 from 10:30 – 11:30 AM PDT for at least 15 minutes. You must have previously linked your Defiance 2050 and Twitch accounts and be logged-in while watching. Note that watching from the Twitch mobile app will not count for the Twitch Drop. You must be watching from the Desktop client or the website.

    4. Enjoy Your New Outfit!

    After the stream, Twitch will notify you that you’ve won. Your free Defiant Few Recon Outfit and Headgear will be available on your account within 24 hours. Suit up and look great in Defiance 2050! Note that if you were watching the stream from the Twitch Desktop client, you will not get notified that you won, but the item will still be in your Defiance 2050 account the next time that you log in.

    This is a limited-time event so don’t forget to get a head-start by linking your Defiance 2050 and Twitch accounts. Then, watch us live on Twitch on 8/10 between 10:30 – 11:30 AM PDT!

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    Seriously you can’t use the app. You guys need to fix that. I don’t even own a computer anymore and going through my phone or tablet shows me as being on the app. Why not do a prime drop instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elbowmedic View Post
    Seriously you can’t use the app. You guys need to fix that. I don’t even own a computer anymore and going through my phone or tablet shows me as being on the app. Why not do a prime drop instead.
    Because not everyone has prime and already used their prime trial.

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    I used the app on my ipad last time to get the geminii outfit, has this changed since the last time?

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    @TrionMobi has the way claiming twitch drops changed as I used the app to get the Gemini outfit last time.

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    Will this count by watching from the console app or nah?
    ”We don’t become who we dream of if we don’t face our demons. If we shun what conceals us we go blind to that which frees us.” PS4/PC/PTS Markeen D13-2050 BLOODLINES clan founder.

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    So I used my browser not the app and still no dice on outfit my accounts are linked

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    Same here :/

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    Hey, devs, how about giving me the prize I "won" in the last broadcast?

    How about not ignoring the ticket, email, and chats I send to you about it?

    Maybe once I see that you are actually paying attention to your players I would give you my financial support and/or get excited about the "prizes" you offer, but what is my motivation to spend even a penny on a team that ignores my messages and tickets for seven weeks with a new comment or post added every week and never actually gives the "winners" the prize they claim they "won" during the broadcasts.

    Anyone who spends a penny on this game before you prove you are going to pay attention to your customers is a fool. I am a beta tester, played the original for years before coming to this, contribute suggestions, bug demonstrations with video, etc, but you have to EARN my dollar before I spend it. So far, not doing well, and the new ownership doesn't seem to be helping. I stand up for you in-game, back the devs, explain misunderstandings to players, and have worked hard to give you every benefit of the doubt. I have never called you out in public, like many others have, but sending emails, tickets, and private messages obviously doesn't work.....how about public ones?

    When a person "wins" a prize, you give it to them and don't ignore them......that's how you lose customers, not gain them, and right now, you need every one you can get.

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    Now you’ve called them out !
    You might want to try making your own NEW post rather than adding onto an older one .
    Explain what where and when you won this prize .
    Good luck with CS , going on 40 days and still open on my tickets
    PSN : bucketmouthjohn

    CLAN : Insomniac Hunters

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