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    Quote Originally Posted by Tashinka View Post
    As long as you are breathing you have a chance; don't lower yourself to their level dustin, we all know you are better than that
    Well said couldn't have said it better myself i absolutely agree.

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    If only the game saw as much attention as the forums do, the hacker problem wouldn't be a problem. Which is why the community just needs to stop recording/reporting hackers/cheaters/exploiters. If Trion isn't gonna put forth any real effort in combating hackers/cheaters/exploiters in a timely manner then why should the community use their time/resources in trying to do Trions Job. Video evidence is proof enough to show someone hacking using the machine gun sniper, 1 shotting enemys, no-clipping, stream shooting rockets/grenades. Also if Trion bothered to log into the game on a daily basis even if its just for 30 mins - 1 hr they can "SEE" hackers in action with their own eyes.

    But lemme just get my bag of snacks, kick back in my chair and say, "I'll do that later", how many "laters" is it gonna be Trion.

    This type of work ethic is what your micro-transactions are paying for.

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    Crazy reading this post. A clanny on PS4 was booted offline by another player after said player was bragging about how OP his Bonesaw was. He wrote to the player in chat telling him the devs were working on a fix for the weapon. I guess this player was using a modded console and managed to ban my clan mates account as well. Sony fixed his account and are investigation the situation.
    Then the next day (yesterday) I read in one of our Facebook groups for the game that a player somehow managed to obtain another players information and personal social media account and was telling all of her personal stuff in the chat. Real name, location, family members.... crazy stuff.
    And before anyone says you can’t do this stuff on PS4... well, I disagree.
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    For anyone who doesn't know what shield glitching is - I have no idea how to do it, but here are 3 samples. The players shield has about 50-100x the normal strength with faster recharge times.

    The Videos below, are just to show the problem, and are NOT Meant to Name and Shame - Please ignore players names.

    This shows 3 players, me included loading up the shield glitcher with enough damage to kill 10 players

    This shows me doing enough damage to kill 10-20 players alone on the shield glitcher (perfect satchel charge, hatchling, grenade, and over 15k in damage from rockets) - Please note the player is using assassin class which offers no damage reduction or invincibility

    This shows me hitting the player in question with 6 rockets, hatchlings and satchel charge. Please note no guardian abilities were active at the time - and the player lives with full hp and about 85% of his shield remaining

    To show damage comparison on non shield glitchers - Again NOTE these players ARE NOT shield glitching, this is just to reference normal damage output

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    Since I'm still be harassed by same person I sent video in on on psn and zone chat guess I'm gunna start cheating now. Apparenltly its ok. So here I go. Its ok. I already have a second account at 5k just trying to help with defiance content. Guess I will cheat on this till fix or ban. Since trion Sucks **** at anwsering questions. Wonder if the better business bureal could help with the rev's who seem to be drinking beer on every stream? If you were sober you would have a decent game..
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    Listen trion. I'm ptetty competent unlike you. Do I need to take action instead and just vigilantes this?
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