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    DD Ark Alliance Terranaut Outfit Giveaway

    DefianceData currently has a Giveaway to the Ark Alliance Terranaut outfit and headgear. You just need to create an account on the site and enter the Giveaway, it ends in 2 days from now.

    This outfit has an interesting background story: it was used in the Defiance TV Show in an episode where a frozen astronaut from ancient earth (the show is setup in 2046) crash lands in the world of Defiance. But there's a plot twist to all that, which I won't spoil here.

    People who originally watched the show and played the game received this outfit as a free code (I have it on OLDefiance). Now, it's only available from Trion Creators.

    Try your luck:

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    The headgear/helmet goes pretty well with the Omega Recon outfit.

    Maybe with the Snowblind Infiltrator outfit too. I wish someone could post this combo.

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