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    Seize the day, control the future is still bugged

    Can’t progress past this mission. None of the mobs spawn and it’s the only mission I have to do. Please fix this.

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    Same here, MONTHS later. I'd be less upset if I couldnt find posts from 2013 stating the same crap. This will pretty much end the game for me as I have no quests or anything to do aside from this to complete. Locked here until it is fixed.. which by the looks of the dates on some of the other posts is never. RIP?

    Ran out 300m from the quest marker and did a big circle, found ONE missile raider, gacked him and the quest advanced. THat is SO very very broken. Really needs addressed, sorta like the lag making the later races near impossible. Hope the new "owners" do something to fix all this crap, especially the stuff that carried over from before the 'rework' that didnt really change much aside from the class setup stuff.

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