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    Trion, why are you not banning cheaters?

    I've reported a few cheaters with video evidence via Support Ticket, some of those players I've reported with proof are still in the game still hacking/cheating. Its not even a question of "are they cheating?" because its fairly obvious they are. I read your excuses of high volume of support tickets to contend with. However some of these reports that I and others in my clan have submitted of the same cheaters has been over 3 weeks. We've either submitted reports to Mobi or through your support ticket system.

    For those wondering the cheats range from speed hacks to rapid fire and aimbot hacks. Its so common to see these same cheaters around that its become a joke among most players in our clan and few other friends not in my clan.

    Perhaps a better anti-cheat system should be considered if it hasn't been yet. Whatever the case its obvious that whatever anticheat system you're using is not effective. While I understand that cheaters are a constant to contend with its disturbing to see some of the most blatant cheaters are still in the game despite reports (with video) submitted weeks ago. I've got to question, why are you not banning the cheaters? Why is your anticheat so ineffective?

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    I agree i am tired of seeing the same people that im sure everyone has reported running around cheating. it's been 3 weeks now and here they are still in the game running around careless of who is watching them. trion has told us to report them with video and we have done that and done it with multiple videos of the same player cheating...maybe it's time to keep your word trion and treat this game like it is brand new and listen to your community and ban these cheaters.....

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    If your on PC, Its not going to end, they can get banned and come right back.

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    Welcome to the club, 3 weeks and I still see people ingame that I have sent video evidence of them hacking still playing and hacking.

    Ya know, if they just hired 1-2 more people to just monitor hackers and deal with hacker reports most of the hacker problems would be solved. But nah, it costs to much to hire 1-2 people to ensure a pleasant gaming experience to make customers/potential paying customers happy.

    Quality ahh the word rarely focused on when producing/managing todays games (along with most other products). If something is of good quality, people will be more likely to buy more/spend more on it rather than something of poor quality but in todays age to many focus on quick profits rather than longterm.

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    One of them who is in my friend list is gone though, not sure if he's banned or has stopped playing the game.

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    Reporting them to Trion is the best thing to do. Always report them, but make sure you get a good video to submit. If you take a random one of them just running around but you can't manage their hp bar its not going to help any, but if you record a player killing 10 other players while taking 100 health bars worth of damage then

    BE PATIENT, I got a response on one of my tickets already that they are looking into it.

    If your on xbox one/PS4 Report them there too. I know on xbox one when you report a player you can add a detailed description of what happened. I did this one for being kicked out in 4 co-op games because the same guy was the host of it and kicked me for not glitching the boss. I DID get feedback from Microsoft thanking me and that they did take care of the player in question.

    EDIT: Its always good to get the 30 second video clip right after you die. That way they also see your not abusing the glitch. Not accusing, just saying remove all deniability.

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    Please report hackers with video evidence and let us know what platform, region, and character name of suspected cheater for us to handle it. The support team is actively assisting players and working on reports. Contact them here: support.trionworlds.com

    Scott "Mobi" Jasper
    Community Manager

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    I have to agree. As a fellow Brown Coat I have witnessed these "people" first hand in sieges and arkfalls. I have to ask why they need to cheat, the games really not that hard. Or are they just crappy players? If I remember right we had these types of cheaters in D13. Did Trion learn nothing?
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