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Thread: What happened

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    What happened

    What happened to the good ol days when you went into Defiance and killed everything in your wake and good loot would drop. Now when you go in over 2000 power level the main world means nothing, There's no reason to even go out and kill anything do arkfall because if your over 2000 pr don't expect to get anything at your level. Why because everything that drops is 200 below your power level. The only way to get up in power level is to do coop maps, good loot don't drop from the guys you kill it comes from the chest at the end that's it so you get 2 keys a day that means you can run it 2 times that's it unless you spend real money "I don't think so" 1 key cost 120 bits. Do you see where this is going?

    I found out Friday 8/10/18 that legendarys are very very rear drops for people that are 3000PR in the main world.

    But for me they are not giving me a reason to play the game longer then the daily's for my keys and the 2 coop for my hope to god I get something at my level but the only thing that I've got higher then my level was nads and shields weapons are below my level. I've been using the same weapons for over 2 weeks as everything is below my level so moving up is sloooow. See where this is going? They want you to spend real money to move up I can't afford that and I won't do this.

    I'm very at what Defiance has come to be, as just a big cash grab instead of a enjoyable experience

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    I dont see a point in old defiance type drops As Im seeing a lack of salvage now with the lack of drops.

    I dont do coops so keys are useless.

    I really dont see the point of playing a character past 2500 right now.

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