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    Defiance Universal Business News: (District Of Muir)

    (Dole Goldfish Takes Center Stage, Don Of Universal Ark Market Values)

    " On the Ark, each Ark Traveler's Decision determines the Ark Hunter's Adventure, Ark Hunters residing in Universal Defiance, ( present and futuring World Ark Events), Ark-Civilians, Market Values, Arkfall Industries, Planet Ark Associations, World Ark Organizations, which before the 1st World Ark Generation, was pronunciation as Game World's Character, trial and error method by The Ark Hunter Association, ( naturalizing), Defiance Universal's Character shouldn't be a lateral, stimulating Arkfall's Npc Association backlash across the Ark."

    " Though the Ark Hunter Association Assets were revoke, a followed of a chain of World Ark Events, Arkfall And Max Shop Industries (still) serviced Ark Hunters as a Important consideration, and World Ark Officals index/knew President Of The World Npc Association's will equal foretelling. However, if Arkfall and Max Shop Industries continuation Business/Market Value Exchange with The Ark Hunter Association, at what point will Arkfall and Max Shop Industries be variable in Difference's nitrogen?, a question posed by The Ark-Councial Of The First Ark Generation. Consciousness in recognition of one's Ark-Profession, combination The Ark Watch, Central, Muir's Business Auditorium, Corporate Operatives, Bloodbath's Senator, Py'Numbra Representation, Glitter Lights ( a Senior Grand Hall Master), and K-Tam Radio Representation to Feather/Sitdown at Shondu, wherein, Universal plans were scarlet/made."

    " Ark-Traveler's World Market Block, (plans first presented during the 4th Market Auditorium), will be establishing a Public Market Network in Defiance Universal, which will be returning Market Values to President Of The World Npc Association, and rightfully economic to the Exchange and Trading Commission, with Ark-Generations, in caution of Ark-Merchant's direction. Market Values figure-skating back into the Regions, will assist Ark-Civilian's Beginning, (far and near within Regional emeralds), and attraction Ark-Civilians in Hiding, (including residences blossom at Orbit Stationary.) Once People Of The Ark translated establishing themselves, World Records Construction, (an Arkfall Npc Organization), News to begin remodeling and rebuilding the Ark-Regionals slowly, but surely. Regionals such as Earth Republic, Bloodbath, Muir, Iron Farms, Pow Farms, and so emphasis forth."

    " The Business District Of Muir will be courtesy as the first Regional appearance of Ark-Traveler's World Market Block, organizing by Defiance Universal Economics, (An Ego Rank Of 20 Levels), that benefits Ark Chasers who've Mastered Ark Traveler's World Market Values, into order to maintain each Defiance Economic Level accumulated, which suggestion Market Balance for Ark-Civilian daily life annually. World Ark's Market Block prints as detailing........",

    " 1- When Ark Travelers want to sell some Ark-Gears/Goods, visitation should end at the nearest Supply Vendor, (in Muir), until Ark Traveler's World Market Block Vendor/Organization docks, and is transported to the Business District Of Muir. Two New Sections will be added to Buy, Sell, and Buyback, with Ark-Traveler's World Market: Buy and Sell. Now whether Buying Or Purchasing's concern, Ark-Merchants will visit the Supply Vendor, then bring up Ark Traveler's World Market."

    " 2- If the Ark-Chaser then want to sell some Ark-Gear/Goods, go to the Sell Section of the World Market, and Imput what goods you fee to sell. Entering each Ark Gear into World Ark Market Investing, electromagnetics will notice each Market Value Demand, (Ark Gears Of All Production), has a Market Value Percentage Rating approved on it. Green Price Numbers means Excellent Market Value Understanding. Ark Hunter can also continue raising their Market Agreement, as long as the Price Numbers remains a Green recommendation. The Merchant Ark Class bringing about achievement Agreements, may hit transport, and every Ark-Traveler at the World Market Block, (in the Buying Section), will witness your Goods for Purchase, or on Sale. Buying Ark-Gears at The Ark-Traveler's World Market, is the same Functionality as Selling Good, but a different Terms Of Exchange between Ark-Merchants and Demand/The Buyer. After the Ark Traveler hits Transport, they property experience strengthening their Defiance Economic Rank/Ego."

    " 3- Estate Terms Of Exchange between Ark-Merchants And Demand/The Buyer, elected Auto Motor Industries (Transit Lands Depot), for it's widely reknown Transportation Hub, and Trading Network. Before Purchasing or Accepting a Trade in World Ark's Market Block, Inspect The Ark Gears/Goods to addition whether it was invested into the World Ark Market In Muir. If it wasn't, let's say it was Market Invested at Iron Ranch, The Buyer may want to pay Iron Ranch/The Do Ranch a visit to retrieve the Goods. If The Buyer, and Ark-Travelers Trading hit Retrieve Transport, ( and don't mind what's geared with hollow vocals), Auto Motor Industries will Transport the Shipment Of Gears to the're location, but you also have to assault/defend certain Destinations ensuring the Shipment to it's coordinates. So Let's say an Ark Traveler Unlocks World Ark's Market Block in Overpass, then Links (Overpass) World Ark Market with Muir's World Market Block, a Trade-Route is Spawn, with Regional Transporting theater as the Beginning."

    "4- Red Price Numbers, ( supporting Trading, Buying, and Selling), recommendations, surrounding Defiance Universal Economic Ego and Ark-Production Of All Class, is minimum as Impulse To Unbalancing Ark-Traveler's World Market Block, very much non-benefitting to Ark-Merchant, Market Exchange, Ark-Travelers, and Demand. It's True The Market, Trading, and Exchange Commission won't interfere in Ark Merchants progressively supporting Red Price Numbers, (Agreement), currency Market Deal Values, something of Ark-Value, (to The Ark-Merchant), is lost for Hour-Arks, Ark-Weeks, Month Arks, Year Arks, or Banned from Ark-Traveler's World Market Block by the Market, Trading, and Exchange Commission. Members Of Patron Quarters are no expection, if Flag for Market In-Security, or Glitching Ark-Traveler's World Market Network, (as all Ark-Travelers.)"

    "5- Offensives and Defensives Operations Protecting Transports, can be long or short Waypoints depending on where it's coming from, and where it's being transported to. The more Ark Hunters present at Transport Regional Operations, the Battle multiply Heat which will thicken expressions of colorful distinction. At any time, if Ark Hunters take Transport Regional Operation personal, Transport Operation can transform into a Major Seige, a Major Arkfall, A Major Incursion, A Major Area Conflict, A Major Regional Conflict, A Shadow War (and in Shadow Wars, Ark Travelers can Lean on Buildings, Boxes, Rides, Covers Of So and Forth), A Major Expedition, for each Circle Encounter Highlighting the Map, with Hidden Circle Encounters not Quest on the Map measurizing sighting (All Boss Battles.)"

    "Moving on"

    " Max Shop Industries/The Defiance Store, is Max Shop Inudustries/ Defiance Store Universal now. It's Market's Inventory with every Arkfall Industry Production ever created, even Fast Productions, Slow Productions, Great Productions, Long Productions, Legendary Productions, Un-Develop Productions, (wherein), Ark-Travelers must re-discover Gear Pieces Of Interest to complete an Un-Develop Production. Max Shop Industries in Defiance Universal may, or may not bridge Two Options.....,"

    "1- When Clicking on an Gear/Item one wishes to Purchase, two Ark Traveler Decision/Options. Either Select a Direct Transport To Your Inventory/Character, or 2- IF the Item have the Option of Ark Hunter to Ark Hunter Trading, or Selling, (avoiding Inventory Check Points), the Shipment can be Transported to a Regional Temporary Warehouse, and Storaged for a Limited Time. Regional Transport Operations For Max Shop Industries/Defiance Store Universal, is set as the Functionality of Ark Traveler's World Market Block Network's Configurations, (The Transporting Operation Recording), but the Setting's Expert/Advance. It's been Rumored to be, Corporate Operatives Representing Ark-Traveler's World Market Block, are scheduled to land in Defiance Universal soon. Max Shop Industries/Defiance Store Universal's World Ark Executives, is mobilizing also."

    "Futuring Ark-Prospects."

    " Defiance Universal Economic bigger than individuality, at it's peak of this Market Ascension, endless of Defiance Universal Officals will establish it's own version of an Ark-Traveler World Market, however, distinguished as one unitary."

    " Py'Numbra's Final Phase Of Rank Level Two Gear, (Publicly), which Formula into a Rank Level Three Gear Of Awe. Merge and Transformation's the Regional Stud Ark-Techs."

    ("More Planet/Furturing Ark Prospects will be added later in the Campaign......)

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