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Thread: Motherlode -

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    Motherlode -

    So, I have been jumping into the COOP queue, and when we finally get 4 players, and jump into the map, Motherlode appears.......


    Boom, group chat --- "yuck, not doing this, bye"....

    So, I have found myself alone, and having to leave the map...

    Seems a lot of people are now refusing to do Motherlode.

    If you want, post on here whether or not you actually do the map, or are you one of the ones leaving?

    I really think it is not worth the time doing Motherlode, and I have plenty of time to play, however for those who work or go to school, then I really do feel they cannot be expected to spend over an hour in that map when there are so many other contracts to get done.

    Along with the empty floor of the coop map, hardly any drops now, it really does seem like an empty place and not welcoming anymore to do.

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    They already have a fix for this IIRC. Hope fully it will drop with the next patch.

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    I'm a low tier player, and having seen you around - I can only assume you're an upper tier player.
    That said:
    I've done The Mutha 3 times, mostly because I was hoping to get better at it, and hoping the people I was in there with were decent players.

    It's basically a PITA when players see it for the first time and have little cue what to do with that kind of beast. It's easier if you've done it in D-13, and aren't TOO intimidated by it, but that was back when it was more balanced and we had overload.

    Now - it's basically above the pay grade of most new players, and it's not worth much for experienced players.

    So I'm just going to go with 'Few people have that kind of time except for seeing it thru the first time', and it's probably going to continue to be avoided until they tone it down some, lose some of it's aggression, lose some of it's wicked-high health and shields, and give some decent loot at the end.
    Those loot boxes were seriously weak sauce considering what an average player has to go thru to even see the loot boxes.

    I've done it the few times I drew it, but now I just don't bother with PUG co-ops anymore anyway.

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    Fighting him with pre-nerfed That's That was quite fun....

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    One of the worse things that I facepalm myself with at the end of Motherlode, is I have no keys, and the names I call myself are not for minor's ears lmfao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hit the Deck View Post
    They already have a fix for this IIRC. Hope fully it will drop with the next patch.
    They've had fixes for a lot of things over the years.

    Some of the fixes brought the game to it's knees.

    I'll withhold judgement as to whether it's a 'fix' or not, as well as whether it fixes something needs fixing without borking some thing(s) that didn't need borking.

    Be well, my friend, it's the best we can hope for sometimes.

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    Even if they fix it, most ppl probably won't realise that it has been fixed and will still leave anyway.

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    Internal fix for motherlode is done as stated in the last live stream. It will be pushed with the next patch.

    As for is it worth it now, hell no.

    Will it be worth it in the future after the patch? We'll have to wait and see. But IMO, if it's anything like the other bosses that are just bigger bullet sponges, then still no. It's a nice diversion, but one pursuit I don't see a lot of people completing is 99er Surveillance III which wants us to kill him 600 times.
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    I was looking through the goals for co-op maps and there is one where you have to kill the Motherlode in under 5 minutes, he would need some serious nerfing to make that possible. At the moment you can't even do the final stage of his death in under 5 minutes.

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