I read all of the issues that players have with this game. They stream not answering the majority of the real issues. They would have been better off redoing '13.

This game is the best Free2Play game out there. Meaning that you do not have to pay to win. I can understand if 2050 was totally different. I.E. new land mass, etc. However, it is a fresh coat of paint with a new style skill tree and a different way to level your weapon. ( IMO I don't really like the weapon idea )

But it is what it is. I still like the game. But we do not get any news as to what is coming up. Very nonchalant and a wide parameter of things to come. How about some new outfits or vehicles? Just a thought.

They should stop ignoring people and get more personable. I mean do you guys not want money to help pay your check? I bet if this was the only game under the Trion label you would have gone hungry by now.

Trick or Treat is coming up. Are we getting a Halloween event or are we going to have to toss a flaming bag of poop on your doorstep?