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    How come 2050 isn't getting any holiday or arkfall events ?

    I don't play 2050, but i notice there hasn't been any holiday and special arkfall events like D13 is having?
    also for anyone who play 2050 on xbox one, how come there's no sieges for 30+ days?
    has the dev team said anything about these two things?

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    We are. I believe the first one for 2050 will be Halloween. Rarnok mentioned it in their last livestream, August 10th.

    Regarding the no sieges on XB1, I have seen a post or two, one from Destromathe I believe in the end of July. I suspect when Sony and Microsoft finally complete their much delayed certification process and the console optimization patch goes live, you'll get them back. I know NOTHING about that certification process, I don't even use consoles... so this answer is from one guy holding a spent matchstick to another totally in the dark. We were asked to be patient by the dev's in their last livestream, August 10th, the certification process is the hold up.

    Do your best to be patient.

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    The game is a copy paste of D13 with slight edits in the code to change the skills around/class system. Its probably running on the same physical server hardware as D13 along with the infamous trash network Trion has. So those so called "Events" will still be the ever popular "Lag Fest" because the game engine/server/network can't handle all the shoddy code that makes D50.

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