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    Suggestion: Madera Heat Bronze Time

    I think the bronze time for the Madera Heat time trail is too difficult to achieve. I think changing the bronze level time to 6:00 up from the current 5:30 would make this more achievable for the average player. This change would only effect the time trail contracts as far as I know.

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    Bumping this up. Spent too much time on "Madera Heat" for daily and weekly pursuits and still can't even get a bronze. Not sure how some people got gold btw. I saw a youtube video of some guy got a silver, but the car didn't get damaged when it bumped an enemy. So he probably did it back before the cars got easily blown up.

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    Bronze is Achievable but i usually get it after 2-3 tries. everytime i hit some enemy i kill them around the road then restart so mostly i does clear it out then redo. BUt to me. not worth the bronze lol
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    Unfortunately given that it takes - what - 5mins 30secs for bronze, even when you kill one of the 4 enemy groups on the course one of them can respawn for your next run. This TT is literal hell.

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