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    Trion can you do something about the store please

    I'm pleading with you, seriously. I want to have more clothes to buy for my characters. If you're not going to bring the store back which seems pretty obvious, its going on 4 months now. Can you just add every item from the bit store to game vendors, especially the outfits so players who want to customize our characters more can do that. allow us to buy this stuff with scrip/rep, etc.

    Tell us something, geez.

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    They will add it to an expensive buggy expansion pack soon

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    Man, its simple, they will not bring store back 'till they do something with prices in both stores for example in D13 vehicle cost 960 bits in 2050 - 1800 bits, and those items are transferable, they just don't want ppl to buy cheaper in D13 and have those items in 2050 then.

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    i bet a class action lawsuit would get a fire under their butts.

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    They are doing something about the store ,they are letting it die ,kill the community on d13 shut down servers and make you move to 2050 ,they are doing you a favor but not letting u buy something 1 day for the game to close the next day and then have to listen to you ask 4 a refund .

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    yea but 2050 is a bad game. and believe me i have tried to like it, even forced myself to enjoy it, i couldn't take it and uninstall the game. I have install the game 4 times now, the 4th being yesterday. The lack of customization features for making a character, the slow slow driving, vehicles move like turtles, the lack of loot drops, i killed over 30 enemies in one spot, not one drop, the lack of events, the boring upgrading your weapon method, the grid, the force grid options. I just couldn't like the game.

    I wish they would just port all the items to game vendors so we can buy them with in game rep. I have ask them many times now, never got an answer. sigh. I'm moving to 2050 until everything and i mean everything from D13 is in 2050 and they get rid of the grid nonsense, the old grid is better in d13.

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