before they added amounts/ tally 's to salvage I just did not use Salvage for about a month to 6 weeks from launch. then they introduced cumulative totals. in first days this new system just did not recognise salvage from say they stuff you exchange for script. which was true for a week. then they added 3 tiers white / green blue. my totals were surprisingly similar for each category of weapon, 160 to 187 blue/ 1622 to 1740 green and 547 to 592 for white. so + 300, +30, +3.
I restarted and within a week my alternative new character had exceeded the blue by +300 in a few days of game play. so it is obvious that I have wasted so much time playing this 2050 version of defiance, exact copy of the 2013 release but with so many more game errors. it is now September and just basic graphic display errors still occur, at least this week of gameplay errors with loss of keyboard control seem to have been fixed for pc.