Hey there,we have some problems with expos, War Below when u get to the end and u kill boss there's no box and no enemy left,how should we finnish expo then,next HH expo,i was playing 1 week expos and get round 80,tier 105, and i by mistake shot in wall and next what hapend i got spawned in Alcatraz,afn my tier and round reseted... For what i was playing then that week of expos.. Becaus thers only way not be kikies evry 5min n thers no lag..And yeah wheres t6 loot in high tiers and rounds ,i got first t6 bmg chip at tier 126 - round 79,idk what u doing,are u takeing t6 loot from us or what???? And whts with PY if u gonna close server then put all syns in PY and put more t5 loots around please and yes give us 100% patron,how should we t6 weapons and all those t5 jp we have . Please read this ty n happy hunting !