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    PC second only to mobile for gaming in the US

    PC second only to mobile for gaming in the US - EEDAR. Industry tracking group's survey says 52% of gamers play on PC, compared to 43% on consoles, just 9% on handhelds


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    I mostly play PC, just a little bit on the console! Now I started to play LOL I spend a lot of time in the game and i think it’s impossible to boost account to 30 lvl. What is already thinking of buy lol smurf to play with my friends who already have a high level. My friends, too, all play only on the PC. On the phone I almost do not play games!

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    No. The days of the 'pc elitist' are gone. Console's have the title and have for awhile. Anyone can paste 3rd party 'guess work' links all day.... sorry.
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    I do not have a console and I play a lot on pc especially online games with my friends, I find this poll interesset

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    My issue with the article you linked is they go back and forth between the terms "mobile gaming" which can include anything from dedicated mobile gaming device (ex: Nintendo DS or Sony PSP) to a smart phone. Compared to "handheld systems" which (in my mind at least) means only dedicated gaming devices.

    Smart phones are EVERYWHERE. If you have a smart phone, for all intents and purposes, you have a mobile gaming device. And the games can range from causal stuff like Candy Crush to PUBG mobile. If you saw the massive booing Blizzard devs got at Blizzcon due to announcing the upcoming Diablo game as a "Mobile Exclusive" you can probably guess Blizzard is dumping their cash in despite the obvious drawback of enraging their fan base, because there are a LOT of people who own smart phones and will probably buy into their game. It's the same reason Candy Crush was able to make so much. The .001% of players who buy into the game pay in enough, and are large enough in number, to keep it the game up and make it successful.

    That being said, it makes me sad to see this. This sort of micro-transactions carries over to too many PC games. But there simply aren't as many PC gamers who will stay vested in a single experience for long with so many other alternatives to choice from. Thankfully it seems as EA getting multiple black eyes in this regard and making some devs, but not all, think twice.
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