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    Healing the rift

    To whom it may concern:
    In recent weeks the tone of the forums has been markedly negative. so much so the the devs have seen fit to tighten the rules governing our conduct here. Fasti has said that we should be more constructive in our posts. Not only identifying bug or problems, but making suggestions of how to fix them. So to that end I have come up with a list of fixes that may help tone down the anger and negativity in the forums. And start healing the rift between the players and the devs.

    1.Appoint a new community manager who's sole job is to facilitate communication between the players and the devs. Someone who will actually discuss the issues rather than tow the party line.

    2. Hire a PR person to vet interviews BEFORE they appear. Seeing posts on social media that say "the game is doing great and there are no issues." Has a tendency to inflame your players who know this to be false.

    3. Above all never ever cut off communication. You have built a really good game that has the potential to be great. We need to hear from you to show you care as much as we do.

    I closing let me just say that I make these suggestions with deep respect, and the hope that we can move forward to a brighter future.
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    Makes a lot of sense to me.

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