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    Headgear Question

    So today i was hanging around the Crater and i saw a guy wearing a mask that looked like Feriks mask but was a dark gray went slightly past the jaw and didn't have the red X across the face I've looked thru the defiance data site and can't seem to find it I figure it's a carry over from d13 but still curious any way. Or was i just seeing things?

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    must have been from my end then comp not showing the feriks mash properly? could have sworn tho that it was a darker gray instead of the sliver and no golden piping and the red X the piping was a dark color almost black more of a purple/black color to it. weird that my screens colors were wonky on only thet mask and nothing else tho? Oh well was just wondering what it was. If my description of Ferik's mask isn't good heres the link to it, https://www.defiancedata.com/item=894/feriks-mask

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