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    Live Stream Sept. 21 Questions.

    Since we have an announcement about the stream tomorrow, but not one for questions. Just like the last one I started, lets get the ball rolling on questions.

    First up-

    When will the PTS be live?

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    One small example of discussions we've had on the board, and bugs we've repeatedly pointed out:

    Has anyone worked on the bug that shows different stats on the weapon card every time the view is opened?
    It clearly makes it impossible to know what bonus stats or increased stats we're getting from enhancements and mods if the server can't even decide what our stat results are.
    And it's even worse when adding a second or third mode lowers the stats achieved by the previously installed mod.

    It makes it difficult to justify enhancing a weapon or putting slots/mods onto a weapon if the improvements vary from view to view, or worse yet, decrease.

    Just tell us straight up whether or not any manhours have been put into it, and if so - if any resolution is to be had.
    Just tell us.

    It's hard to continue playing a game that doesn't work, and it's impossible to justify dumping any more cash-money into game you just can't fix.

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    Could the Thorn Liro arena maps, with hazards, be converted to run 4v4 TDM or Capture and Hold gametypes?

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    Will the upcoming patch reduce the amount of hit points coop bosses have?

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    Is there an E.T.A. on capture and hold maps for pvp? Have you thought about doing capture and hold maps one week and team death match the other to help que times. Maybe do freight yard fridays or cap and hold weekends when more people are playing. some type of pvp leadboard would be nice to have as well even if it's something on the forums doesn't have to be in game.
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    when is the next update for d13?
    when is the next synergy rotation for d13?
    when is d13 store getting fixed? why is it taking so long? please dont give the same answer that yall have given. in the paast . wwe like a real update on the progress.

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    My question is will they wake up and just drop D50 and release D13 on the new gens with everything in it?
    D50 is clearly a flop, at best it only has a score of 5/10. The game is almost a memory in most players minds, unless they turn it back to the original i don't see it staying online long.

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    D13 is an even bigger flop than this game so it wouldn't make any sense for them to port it.

    Anyway, Guardian needs adjusting because it has little use for PvE and but is many times more useful for PvP. My question would be, are the devs planning for rebalancing the classes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti is not Fastienough View Post
    True but unfortunately no the game has to have literally zero players for them to shut it down
    Its getting to that.

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    Can you guys make a title for people that have never used the shield glitch exploit. "Legit Player"
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