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    What upsets me most about this is they took the game down to “patch in” the sale but not any of the bug fixes. In fact, none of the bug fixes are on PTS at the moment. Which makes me wonder why even have a PTS? Why should any of us buy anything when nothing has been fixed? I log in daily and see fewer and fewer players on PS4. Most of my clan has left. Many went to Destiny 2. They left because the lack of content, the lack of bug fixes after week 2, the restrictions on arenas and coops and the poor communication. As for the original Defiance. I have my theories reserved and we will see by the years end if I am right. All of you who have bits lingering for D13, I recommend pushing them to transfer your bits to 2050 or searching legal representation. As it stands, the bits you have purchased are currently “stolen” money.
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    Ive been online allday today as im not at work and the most people I have seen at a major arkfall is 6. Yes thats a whopping 6 people. If the fixes dont come soon there wont be anyone left at all.

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