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    Defiance 2050 pts my thoughts

    I like the waves added to hellbug arkfalls on the current pts I personally do not think anything needs to be changed I would like to add when we are going into pts to play test things I feel you guys should have all fast travel spots already unlocked and skip the tutorial and missions should be turned off we are there to test changes to the game not sit through the long hassle just to do so and make sure enough of what needs to be tested pops up

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    I think you are absolutely correct - at this point the PTS is more like an alternate server where you can play the full game and get access to all the best weapons right away.
    Aspects to be tested should be available to trigger (place a few spots on the map with all possible Arkfalls and give the players the ability to trigger them anytime) because waiting for them can take a long time.

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    Pts is to test next changes against the whole game. Recession happen. Changes may affect other systems. That is what pts is set up for u to find.
    Now what u are asking for is a different version of the game... A 3rd version. Considering they have yet to handle 1 version of the game, u want 3?

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