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    Moin gabberworld,

    how can you actually **** in a forum as much as you write?



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    what is that todo with 5000 powerlevel?

    by the way there a way go over 5k in game atm

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    i just dropped my 1st oj shield from t4 coop, it was 4981, my BLUE shield is 4995, fml

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    Hallo Sephiroth1,

    I have not seen orange shield yet.

    My highest shield was 4996, after three weeks I got a grenade with 4997.

    After two weeks I got a grenade with 4998 and shortly afterwards an orange grenade with 4999.

    I got the shield 5 weeks ago, the day my two weapons were at 5000. Since then I have got 2 new ones that bring me up 1 level each time.

    Currently the shield is 4998 and the grenade is 4999.

    All weapons drop to 4750, in the Open World I get blue weapons without end which I have to break all because the Max. Come on 4900.

    In almost every co-op I only get purple weapons that do not bring me to 5000.

    Even with the traders, I've only drawn purple so far, despite the fact that I am there at level 8.

    So Trion has a lot to do so the game is fun again.

    I'm happy to spend money on the game and have already invested a lot, but if this continues I do not know if I want to continue playing. Even the 5000s get signs and grenades with 4930, how long do you want the farms until you have all the weapons on orange ???

    Greetings Markus

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    I don't know how many know this. But I play with loadout 1 and when I open chests/rep vendor/co op ones, I use loadout 2 with best gear. Like that I managed to get good stuff more often. Using this method since 3k PR.
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    yes I do exactly the same

    Greetings Markus

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    Got my 5k shield like that, used best loadout and from 4972 PR got the 5k PR from rep vendor. And today at a major ark, had 4986 nade, used a chest and got 4988 nade, using the best loadout slot. Stuck at 4997 now instead of 4996, YEY! :P
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    It's called grinding, loot doesn't always drop with highest stats in other mmo's. Since this is a place based game it makes sense to keep the grind alive by randomizing pl gear. I like it so it's not just spam coop for a week and get 5000.
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    Hello, So the bottom line here is? If you reach 5000k do you get what reward? Or is the carrot you been waiting to much on isn't that rewarding after all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hicks 00 View Post
    Hello, So the bottom line here is? If you reach 5000k do you get what reward? Or is the carrot you been waiting to much on isn't that rewarding after all?
    No end game yet that's the reward lol
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