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Thread: Tints for armor

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    Tints for armor

    silly question but where are they found or are they all ready included with the armor the demo and crus both have tints but they all look alike accept the crus has a red option which ive not found yet gave up looking for the demo tint.6and help 6would be nice.

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    Each differently tinted outfit is it's own version. There are no appliable dyes/shaders.

    Some different colours for the Demolitionist are found in the Paradise Requisition vendor.

    The red Demolitionist outfit and the red Crusader outfit are exclusive to those who bought their class packs.
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    Crusader armor Variant

    I saw one of the outfits called "Gladiator" which looked to have goldish trim. Anyone know where to get this?

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    You can get different tints for the outfits related to the premium classes (crusader & demolitionist) from the Commendation Quartermaster at The Crater
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