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    Calamity worth upgrading? And mods?

    Is it worth t5ing, eventually t6? Also it can be modded for normal launcher or guided I guess? So far I have the t4 grl sight and a t5 booster on it but idk.

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    The thing that I don't like about Calamity is that it won't lock (or hard to lock) target that's far away (i.e. 80+ meters), unlike other guided launchers. I have it, but didn't upgrade it.

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    Yea well idk I never really cared for guided launchers in the first place, but it seems like maybe it'd be decent if upgraded for a boss killer or something perhaps? I guess if anything jus cus it's kinda unique. Finding mods on the other hand tho, that's another story. I think I read a post from a while back, mod it as a grl not a normal launcher? Otherwise it doesn't really work properly or something?

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    Calamity is great for dekuso in stolen purpose got mine t6 t5ed 2x'smag

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    Like the other two daisy cutters available, Calamity doesn’t need to lock on to a enemy to hit it. If you shoot it from the hip with the crosshairs semi close, it’ll hit.

    Celestial wrath and the original daisy cutter work the same way

    It’s good damage and I like to compare it to ME. In my opinion ME is used for room clearing since it’s a bit less accurate but deals more damage and calamity is a boss weapon. You can even avoid getting hit by shooting the calamity rockets around a wall
    Not easy. Just simple.

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