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Looks like 3 more games have made this list for shutdowns this coming month on PS3.
Twisted Metal (online service), All-Stars Battle Royal and Warhawk. This is just a few more that have been added to the list of games that have already gone dark this year. There is an ongoing rumor that Defiance 2013 is on notice as well, which explains why the D13 Bit store hasn’t been fixed in months. Explains the reasons “it’s a backend issue” and “it’s a larger issue than we anticipated” and why the questions about it have been avoided.

I’ve been gaming over 30 years and in my experience with games that have online connectivity and in game stores whenever a game gets a notice either from the platform or their own higher ups, the first thing to get removed is the in game store. The difference being those developers usually give a heads up to the community. Again, it’s just a rumor but with the trend happening with other games on PS3, the silence on why it’s not fixed and Trions track record of poor communication, smoke and other not so legal tactics, it’s highly plausible this could be the case. Just my opinions though.