•Quantum hellbugs still one shot you.

•Crusader hammer- swinging movement is too slow. Feels clunky.

•Hellbug arkfall - laggy and one of the minor arks bugged out near the Fork. No enemies spawned and ark failed.

•Crusader Jump attack - lags pretty bad when you activate it. Most noticeably as you are landing. Note: You can not land on monarchs.

•Smash:Rampage is even more broken than the live version. Scrappers become immune to attacks. Used both the punch and ground pound attack. Tested with Crusader and Assault class.

•Changing the in-game refresh rate from 60.02Hz to 48.00Hz causes the game to freeze. Switching back does the same. This did not happen before.

•Have not seen a single Hulker Arkfall. Was this added and then removed or never added?

•Crusader meteor attack sometimes lands on you rather than the enemy you are looking at. Feels underpowered but haven’t tested it on higher level enemies.

•During a hellbug siege near Shondu, game crashed while using crusader class. This occurred when another player entered the siege. After reading some comments in zone chat, it seems this also occurs during arkfalls. *Zephkial stated this is a known crash*

•No personal score during siege regardless of equipped gear or class.

•Bonesaw doesn’t kill on one shot that I’ve seen. Took two shots instead.

•Gore Auger prior would bypass a shield or armor and cause the enemy to explode. Now I see it has a DoT effect. Still pretty powerful but not a one shot killer.

•Atomizer legendary perk change might be even more overkill than before. Haven’t tested in a major finale yet.

•Enemy scaling is inaccurate. Enemy power level reads lower but doesn’t feel like there was any change in their damage output. This was evident in a major hellbug arkfall and more evident during a Datk Matter Arkfall.

I stopped testing after several crashes and will test some more after the crash is fixed.
Also, could some form of PTS patch notes be posted if they haven’t already? Thanks.