yep the pulse nades have been nerfed, they no longer cause mini bosses to stop and do the shakey-shake. They dont seem to do anything at all now, so ive switched to using fracture nades (until theyre nerfed too).

The mini-bosses (tankers, black lungs and bulwarks) all have this same 3 round direct hit explosion that is high damage and causes the player to neck snap and blow back so that you are guaranteed to die if hit by the first one. Even with the new balanced pr that makes them killable, they still have to much fire power.

For example, during round 3 at a dark matter core I was dcd, came back and the dark matter troops were getting wiped out by the hellbugs. As I stood nearby and watched round 4 started and down came a bulwark and wiped out all the hellbugs in just a few seconds.

After that I went to the Alamo to see if the bulwarks could still solo it and yes they can still kill all the waves of dark matter troops without the player firing a single shot. This shouldnt be happening, massive waves of dark matter should shut down the bulwarks, not be wiped out by them.

The only good news for now is if you dont get hit by them, you can kill them.