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    Vehicles: TMW Hannibal 650R Red vs Terrestrial Motorworks Hannibal 800R

    Greetings to all my fellow Arkers!

    I honestly wasn't sure where to post this. I'm not sure if it's even a bug, or if I just forgot that I earned both vehicles—if they even are two different runners. The thing is, when I view the Equip Vehicle window, four vehicles show up. They are listed here briefly, with the two in question in red:

    • A-Tex Growler Pro Green/Black
    • A-Tex Growler Pro Cyan/Black
    • TMW Hannibal 650R Red
    • Terrestrial Motorworks Hannibal 800R
    Now, I know I got the first one from the Sniper Ridge mission, the second Growler from the Living to Kill II pursuit and (probably?) the fourth from the Runner License pursuit. The question/bug/problem is the third and fourth vehicles.

    First, the third and fourth vehicles look exactly alike when summoned. Also, the names of the two are very similar (650R Red vs 800R). Because of these two facts I initially assumed they were the same and just listed twice, slightly differently named, because of some random, as yet unfixed bug or glitch. As we all know, Defiance and (slightly less so) 2050 are chock full of such minor (and some not-so-minor) issues.

    What confused me and finally got me to make a post is that the specs on the two Hannibals are different! The third one isn't quite as good as the fourth in terms of speed, HP, boost amount, etc. Yet for the life of me, I honestly can't remember getting one of them. I only remember earning two vehicles aside from the default Sniper Ridge vehicle.

    Am I missing something? Where did the mystery one come from? If I'm just making a big deal out of nothing, I apologize. If this is posted in the wrong place, I apologize. And it's not the end of the world if I don't find out why this happened. But the curiosity is driving me nuts. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. And happy hunting!

    -Kholdfyre (Kevin Connors/Kyle Striker - US-NA)

    P.S. Happy belated Arkhunting Day!

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    650R is from the pts vendor and the 800r is from the runner pursuit. runner pursuit one shows up as white but red when summoned.

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    The TMW Hannibal 650R Red is part of the reward from the main story mission 'Major Miner Rescue' which is north point mine. Its the story mission just before the commendation points for your second class.

    The Terrstrial Motorworks Hannibal 800R has 2possible sources.
    First is can come from claims as a pass thru from D13 from an ego code entry in the original.
    Second is it can come as a reward for completing the D2050 pursuit 'Runner License'

    Its red instead of white because this is a bug from D13 that they imported into D2050.

    You can also get a TMW Hannibal 800R from buying the Class Pack/starter pack, or the either of the Ultimate Packs.

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