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    defiant few weekly contract broken

    I can not get the Kent docks arena to check off for the a helping hand contract. 101 keys docks and Berk academy both got checked off but not Kent docks. I did it multiple times with three clan mates and no one got it. does anyone know of a fix for this? ps 4 NA
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    behind pc
    works in PC EU

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    Did it yesterday solo, it works on PC-EU.
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    no problem for me. / PS4NA
    got it on yesterday.. wait, today's broken daily is kent docks, so weekly also broken?

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    It worked for me this morning so I was able to complete my weekly.
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    I don't mess with defiant few since it doesn't count towards the weekly arkfall rep on Xbox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smurfsniper View Post
    I don't mess with defiant few since it doesn't count towards the weekly arkfall rep on Xbox.
    The weeklies have always worked on xbox. Its just the dailies that are broken for Defiant Few. Im at respected (rank 4) with Defiant Few and i play on Xbox one

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    With the pursuit needing 50 dailies, I found it kinda pointless to even start on Defiant Few. It's all unlocked and I have done a few weeklies, but not even played the game in a month+ after maxing 4 factions and not getting the achievement.

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    Completed the Defiant Few daily contract no issues. I attempted the weekly with a clan member, and the founder and another member of clan Triade and none of us got credit for completing the Observatory as part of the weekly.

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