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    PTS Experience 10/11

    After taking a break from PTS due to the crashing I came back today to see what’s improved. Here are my notes. It’s not much.

    •Crusader class abilities still feel clunky. Specifically the hammer.
    •Played for 1 hour and did not see a single HH arkfall. Only a hellbug and scrapper.
    •Still do not see any new prototypes.
    •Did not crash or cause another to crash with the use of Crusader. I suppose that fix works.

    Questions: When will new prototypes be introduced for testing?
    Is the new story content on PTS? I haven’t seen any new mission yet.
    I know there are a lot of things happening but can someone please post pts patch notes? Until next time.
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    True. The Crusader hammer seems verrrry sloooow lol
    I played for about 3 or 4 hours yesterday and was able to hit at least 2 HH majors and 2 Revenge of the Plaguers majors.
    The new prototypes are drops/rewards from the HH arkfalls. I've already picked up at least 2.
    I don't know if the new story content/missions are there yet, but there's a Crusader with a grid in a cage at Last Chance. Also a new vendor there.
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