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    Dailys and Weeklys resetting.

    Completed all my dailys and weeklys log out and when I logged back in all of my top notch where back on the map. Now after doing them a second time they aren't completing.

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    I have this too on PC-NA.

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    PC EU same here -crash or relog everything not comleted reseting to 0

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    xbox guys, you not missing allot, there soo many bugs with that new release

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    One of the culprits for this seems to be when you change shards/phases.
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    They broke the game - Contracts: only daily work.
    - Every time you use tp, the class you are using changes to assault class.
    - Second new mission bug, enemies do not appear.
    - Arkfalls event almost do not appear
    - you have to sell all the mods you had to limit the update bug that left some mods broken
    - Grids can appear in emergencies rarely and are 3 or 4

    This is sad

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    A lot of the same as the previous poster.
    As of the new update contracts no longer work,
    Class changes at random times on its own,
    New content doesn't spawn, completely unplayable,
    Game crashes if you sell to a vendor,
    Game is back to crashing 10-15 times a day just loading into major events
    PS4 system

    In its current state if you are over level 50 there's nothing left to do that works.

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    PC-NA My weekly contracts are resetting. I did complete the VBI driving spot to spot. While trying the same with Topnotch they reset halfway through, i had not changed shards.

    Also had the game crash twice while modding a weapon. Other than those, I'm not experiencing the other complaints.
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    There was a fix and the problem is still not solved. I'm wondering what was fixed then?

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