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    If you guys can't manage to fix this, can you update the weekly contracts to 0/1 instead or nobody will be able to complete them. Teleporting to a different phase/instance will reset your contracts and keys. Lost 4 keys so far due to this. Logging out will often put you on another phase/instance that will clear your progress also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Stranger View Post
    All weeklies , if you have them partially done and jump to a different phase

    yes that what most off time resets all weeklies,
    it also reset the paradise daily if you not collect the 100 points and jump the other phase
    same goes for all other daily missions if they not finished then it just resets when you jump to other phase

    teleporting to other player who is at other phase is not a good idea atm till they fix that issue.

    you lose also all partially done weekly and daily when phase crash.

    it happens now 4 day already

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    Defiant Few weekly:
    101 keys Docks
    Kent Docks
    Berk Academy
    I did first Berk Academy in next 101 keys Docks and finally Kent Docks, when I opened the contracts to see if is all okay, I saw only Kent Docks as done the other was reseted
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    Zephkial, seems this issue is reported by plenty above... here's ONE of my own (I found the sequence comical)... told in a Bug Report thread. See post #3.


    Good Luck... although Luck has Nothing to do with fixing this... I DO wish you all well in tracking this beast down.

    FYI, we had one person, our group lead launch all of them from the actual portal locations... although I think that matters not. With the Defiant Few missions where you are entered into a special instance... coming back out and your luck in which phase you end up in... is the moment all goes to hell.

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    Was at 5/7 on ark hunter bounties , did my daily co op , now at 1/7 , please fix this
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    The weeklys that keep resetting for me is top notch. I can do them and if I log out and then back in they're back. I've done them at least 6 times already.

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    My weeklies and ark hunter daily resets when using go to friend, it doesnt seem to matter if its same phase or different phase.

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    Dailies/Weeklies Resetting?

    Here is how to handle it.

    The reset happens when you Change Phase / Travel to Someone else in another Phase / Log off / Disconnect. So if you want to complete your ?/7 Dailies for both Ark Keys, Complete your Daily for Paradise Faction or Complete your Weeklies in any Faction you can NOT do any of those things.

    Weekly for Paradise and Ark Bounties obviously will always reset unless you stay logged in for 5 straight days lol

    Hope this helps. Have fun! Let’s hope they fix this mess.
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    hulker hell weekly had 3/5 would of been 4 after today, and top notch weekly had all but progenitor parts.

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    I noticed it fix after playing for a bit today and checking it, but after severe server lag and getting kicked, some of my dailies and weeklies got reset...so can't get 7/7 today now :/ *sigh*
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