Time: After teleporting to someone, but sometimes seems random.
Game Details: Happens during missions, sieges, arkfalls, etc. Anywhere on the map.
Character Details: EGO 50 with power level 4021 on my character, but also happens with lower EGO/power level players (other clan members).
Expected outcome: To have a set class for each load-out and for the settings to remain after teleporting to a friend. (Guardian, Assault, Combat Medic, Assassin, Demolitionist, and Crusader - just the order I opened them)
Observed Outcome: Teleporting to anyone changes one or more loadout classes.
Repro Steps: Set Load-outs as follows (weapons/shields/grenades don't seem to matter):
1 Guardian, 2. Assault, 3. Combat Medic, 4. Assassin, 5. Demolitionist, 6. Crusader
Next, teleport to someone in the game then check all of the loadout classes. One or more will be incorrect (sometimes all).