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    Unofficial Community Poll - Oldfiance or 2050

    So with the news that we have had this week regarding Trion being bought out by Gamigo - There is now speculation among the community that going forward one version of Defiance MAYBE being taken offline.

    So with this suggestion I would like to put forward one question to the community :

    If we all had the choice I would like to know - what would you guys choose to keep online?

    Oldfiance OR 2050

    My choice would be to keep oldfiance online - and I know this opinion is shared between myself, my partner and our clannies.

    So what would be your opinions?

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    I would have loved them to just port old defiance instead of this shambles of a version called 2050 but if one was to be shut down then they would shut down Old Defiance as it the older of the 2 games.

    If they read the bug threads and manage to fix the original bugs that came across into 2050 and listen to US the players and give us regular updates regarding whats happening then i dont see why 2050 couldnt be as great as D13 was.

    But in all fairness Trion has made this game and caused all the toxicity with their fan base i wouldnt be suprised if they just shut both down and be done with.

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    I think that this research will be very unbalanced, because novice players who only played 2050 and would come back may not have an account here, most of the forum community would logically vote for the old defiance.
    I played both, but I preferred the 2050, because the OLD Defiance would take a long time to be fixed and improved the graphics for the new generation, since I've played since the launch I'm already adopted in 2050, the pyramid ended the old defiance in my opinion.

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    The original Defiance has suffered too much powercreep to appeal to new solo players.
    Defiance is gone. Gamigo has been "not neglecting" the game for over a year, yet there's nothing new except for low effort arkfalls and bitshop items.
    I know it might be hard to quit a game you loved for years but you have to understand that it won't get better. Ever. If you like the game in it's current state, then sure, keep playing it. You're enjoying yourself after all. But if you aren't, don't hope for a better future for Defiance. Because it won't come.


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    Oldfiance. It just feels better to play. 2050 just doesnt feel right to me it is missing something and i cant quiet put my finger on what it is

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    Oldfiance but with the graphical updates of 2050. Should of been that way in the first place
    Antony Harrist - PC NA

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    Old defiance. After the 2nd beta, quit 2050, & will never go there again..............

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    Old defiance on ps4.

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    Defiance...............bring back all seasonal events and jackpot chase and patron........regardless Defance and D50 needs a strong player base which doesnt exist at this point...........bring all that back and watch the numbers sky rocket along with veteran base as well ................................Cheers

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    Since that Ps3 will already be 16 years old, an adaptation of the original Def to ps4 would be an interesting bet although the step is already taken.
    So Def'50 is here and his future is in the pocket of the players.

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