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    Exclamation Is there any reason to play D13 or 2050 anymore?

    The new company/devs hasn't made any statements about what the fate of these two games are, so is there any reason to continue to play them now?
    I just don't see a reason to continue to play and enjoy D13 if they plan to shut it down and well 2050 is horrible compared to D13, so i am not playing that ATM.

    on another note, this would be a good time for firefall to come back haha. i love that game

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    I play games based on what my wife and friends are paying(mainly wife). I gave up years ago expecting alot(especially in a free to play game) and basically play for the social aspect.
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    If you enjoy playing the game then play the game. I enjoy the game for what it is now not what it might be in some uncertain future. If they shut it down tomorrow i still had a good time playing it today.

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    d13 still has alot more stuff to do than 2050.

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    I gave more love to this game than the company that previously owned it.

    I still love this community very much.

    So yeah, I will stay Defiant to the end, either riding into the sunset as the lights go down or waiting for what the future may bring us.

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