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    HH broken AI masse pathing and Hyper-spawning

    The AI for Hulkers at HH majors is severely broken. When the afflicted and hulkers start hyper-spawning, They will move en-masse in groups of 6-8 following the same path, attacking the same single player and because the focus lock is broken, they will stop in a large group and pound on the same downed player. It doesnt matter if there are hundreds of other players shooting at them, they continue to move and attack in a single group. There needs to be some sort of 'bump and turn' that makes them split up.

    The Hyper-spawning is also part of the problem. It usually starts when all the players disappear and is caused by the new scaling at majors. Just like the majors dont downscale properly for just a few players, the scaling cant handle large groups of players and just goes out of control. There needs to be some sort of minimum delay between spawns. Its also causing massive lag and dc's.

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    Yes, the spawn location towards the North side of the final HH encounter is the one that’s causing the problem. The players vanishing isn’t completely caused by the enemies in the event but rather by skitterlings that are being spawned by Venom Splitter holders. What I mean is, players who have the VS in their inventory are indirectly causing the enemy and player phasing. The bug that is causing multiple weapons bonuses to trigger at once is triggering the Venom splitters ability. The skitterlings are invinsible due to this bug. Meaning, they keep spawning and not dying.

    I’m not someone who understands game code but, perhaps the bug that is causing the spawning issue at the major arks is also causing the weapon weapon rolls to all spawn as well. They just seem linked to me. I’m actually surprised that either of these bugs have been left in game for as long as they have. Pretty game breaking to me.

    I also want to note that the “hyper-spawning” of Hulkers was a bug that also occured on the last gen version and was fixed. So, perhaps when they brought the event over they used the original code which was bugged instead of the fixed code that it was replaced with.
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