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    Defiance Headquarter's Planet Ark Understanding/Move

    Mentally................., Central Horizon Understood. No worries.

    (We read thoroughly.)

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    Your commitment to this roleplay is admirable.

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    (Region Of Bloodbath's Cover Story)

    First Understanding, (within Ark Universal), Ranking to The Second Understanding, (within Defiance Universal), Teleportations In And Out Of Bloodbath Is Pending suspension. Ark Travelers speeching of coming to the Region of Bloodbath, utilize Open World, drive.

    (Executive Of Bloodbath.., Kilowatt.)

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    Bloodbath Officials, Quest Hall, and Arkfall Inc has issued a Regional Advisory. Rank Level 3 Arkfall's we're sighted hours away from Impact. Game Travelers residing in Bloodbath, or making their way to Bloodbath, switch to Rank Level Two Ark Gears To Survive The Arkfall Eclipse's First Wave. If Skills And Abilities Is Lacking, It's Being Advised To Travelers To Stay Out Of Bloodbath, The Do Ranch, Pow Farms, and Muir Regionals, Until After The Arkfall Eclipse's Passes.

    (Regional Executives)...

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    Greetings King, (MVP Representing Crater Regionals).

    Please Forgive Me for being at The Ark Grand Hall (too long.) Sensitive Ark Universal Business, Blueprints, Topic Of Discussions, and Storyline's Progressing, were Critically Important Adventuring Forward, So Many Ark Universal Officials Arrived At The Ark Grand Hall, In Preparations Of The 5th Project Ascension.

    The Adventure Settling To Begin. Where? Wi'll Discuss Privately When We Gathered. The 4th Project Ascension Completed By Scarr Note and Regional Alliance, (4th And 5th Ark Generation, Scarr Note Born During The First Generation/Year), Regional Alliance Honored His Wishes, Disbanding And Upgrading Our Defiance Universal Names, Locations, Online ID, and so forth, until the next Project Ascension Beacon Is Lit.

    Look For An Associate Name Seed Mu, (PlayStation 4's Dynasty), Then Send Them An Console Invitation, Then Exchange A Mic Greeting. And you was right about who we left off discussing.

    Please Forgive Me Again...

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    Greetings Riot. Not necessary to reply to this Channel.

    Central Rising received a Request. Making way for Regional Alliance, in construction of beginning, Executive Of Bloodbath Bounty Office A List Of Ark Travelers. Pay them a Visit.

    Unique Ark Tech, (requirements for visitation), awaiting your Arrival in Bloodbath. Only you can see it, access it, and retrieve the Hardware.

    Arkfall Board Of Directors asked, speak with them First.

    (Central Will Sponsor You Advanced Rate, No Worries. Keep The Hardware. We know you're the most responsible Ark Hunter, and won't have to worry about New Ark Tech making K-Tam Radio News.)

    (Many Thank You Riot)......

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    Quote Originally Posted by verbalhomage View Post
    Your commitment to this roleplay is admirable.
    You're assuming it's role-play, aintcha?
    These are just my opinions.
    I have lots of opinions.
    Some of them, on occasion, people have agreed with.
    I do not trust those people.

    Mid E-5XXX main, but I played 26+ 'toons from E400 to E5500. (Dormant)
    2050: Lvl 499X main

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    Shades, Numbers, (Desert, Pandora, And Meta Claw), Ten Fu, Mount Tam. Cerebral's Returned From Securing Operation Arkfall's Site.

    Inventory The Third Perk's Special Ability to Bypassing the Shield Barrier, restricting Ark Travelers From Accessing certain Areas In Bloodbath, and Rightly so.

    (Will find his Report Very Interesting Indeed).…....

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    Wow the pink bunny is STILLLLLLLLLL GOING!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasher View Post
    You're assuming it's role-play, aintcha?
    Hmmm....., Best Sentence Of The Year.

    Expected Nothing Less From Someone Who Was Present At Many World Of Defiance's Universal Events Surrounding The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Ark Generation/Year. A Greetings Crusher....

    (Epically, A Broadway Musical)

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