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Gameplanet Headquarters:

Greetings To All. Attendence Of A Private Game World Gathering, Gameplanet Universal Timeline, Play Station 3 And Xbox 360 is NOW, on the Clock.

The Next Generation's, (Play Station 4 And 5, And Xbox One And Xbox 5), Universal Months From Being Born.

If Game Travelers From PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360's Generation has a problem with their Game World/Planet's being shown the door/Upgrade, take your issue and speculations to the Proper Gameplanet Officials.

Defiance Universal are Planet Executives, (under Gameplanet Universal's Banners), not the Author of Play Station, PC, or Xbox's Dynasties, including which direction the Authors wishes to Adventure in. Game World's only Alliance/Work with the Authors.

That is all from Central:.....
K-Tam Radio News Of The Ark Universal Week. Central Rising's Ark Monthly Quote.