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    That car was a reward for helping test the Nuclear Winter event on PTS.
    IGN: Alex Whitlock
    Platform: Xbox/NA
    Ego: 6000
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    IGN: Whitlock
    Platform: PC/NA
    Ego: 56**
    Clan: Consortium

    "You're walking on gallows ground, and there's a rope around your neck and a raven-bird on each shoulder waiting for your eyes, and the gallows tree has deep roots, for it stretches from heaven to hell, and our world is only the branch from which the rope is swinging."
    --Mad Sweeney--

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bannor View Post
    That car was a reward for helping test the Nuclear Winter event on PTS.
    we have our answer!

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    Is this something for Defiance 2050? If so, wrong section. The car looks pretty bland with just a white stripe and no decal.
    Quote Originally Posted by upper View Post
    Why do they focus on "lesser known bugs" that are not major concerns! Lag and disconnects On the other hand are the two main problems that everyone wants a fix for.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
    Because after 4 years of defiance, if you're still here, then it's not that big of a problem. Right?

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