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Thread: Good Times

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    Good Times

    -Hound had the idea to have a little car show and do some Chaos Crew recruiting. That evolved into a race from Bloodbath to Happy Pow. Not too sure who actually won (I crashed a lot so it definitely wasn't me) but hey, it was fun and thanks to everyone who showed up!

    DieselFuelOnly - 6k - Moo Crew (Founder)
    DieselFuelOnly2 - 6k - Moo Crew (Glorified Noob)
    Someone's Pancreas - 6k - Moo Crew (Another Glorified Noob)
    Pie'Nombra - 6k - Chaos Crew (Officer)

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    Indeed It was a great idea, so thank you -Hound !

    And was also a very fun thing to do :P So thanks for those that got involved too ^_^
    Elmoo - 6K - Chaos Crew (Leader)
    Mooeyy - 6K - Moo Crew (Leader)

    Moovacious - 6K -/- Mootoo - 6K -/- Moolevolent - 6k

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    This is why i still play this game

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    Good times beats SPAM any day. We just did that in 5 mins for fun on d13

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    Moo definitely didn't win that race.. newp no way um uh huh

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    buut if any yall were doubting... elmoo did actually win that race lol we were all too busy dueling and sht at erc and then ooo i won xd
    Moo hearts

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    this is what happens in this game, good friends, new friends, it's all good. I heart you guys.

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    nice job bubbie.....looks like yuussss had quite the turnout.

    as I told mooo we had something similar eariler in the day in d50.....a gathering of challengers at crater lol.

    then zeph suggested a race and we ran to happy pow.......ofc i was last

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    and ofc i forgot to SS it.....derrrrrrrrrrrr.

    EDIT: btw...you still got the SS of the HO used car lot? might be amusing to post those as well hehe

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