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Thread: Basic Mjs

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    Basic Mjs

    Is it possible, u forgat turn on the basic minors and mjs on Xbox one??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celeron78 View Post
    Is it possible, u forgat turn on the basic minors and mjs on Xbox one??
    Try after the daily server reset to see what happens. Since Hulker Hell ended on the 11th, the system might have been waiting until the 12th for them to return. Currently having no major arkfalls though outside of Warmaster seems to make the map go dead quite often. :/
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    Pretty quiet game since this after when hulker hell suddenly vanished, before many could even get contract complete. Then No major arkfalls all night, seiges very few and far between. Dull, seemingly empty map. Way to wrap up the worst hulker hell to date.
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