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    Or wait.. if we all ignore it then it's not racist and it never happened... ok

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    You're being trolled plain and simple. Instead of feeding into it just screenshot what you find to be racist submit it to CS and be done with it. The more you speak with this person the more attention they get and in the end that's all this is a simple person screaming" look at me!" . This person probably isn't even a true racist they just happen to know it will get a reaction so they do what they can to get it.

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    Op, not sure if you know this, but there is a mute/block feature in the game. It works flawless. That's what i use when the trolls appears.

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    Just further proof...

    That this game is not being monitored on any level. Labial in zone chat has been beyond racially charged as of late. Customer Support is so backed up in tickets, so they say, that they are not responding to reports and when they do you'll get a reply back stating they are too back logged to do anything about it. Hell they won't even remember what your issue was. It's a lost cause. Just mute the person. Policies are no longer in effect.

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    I mean racism is just the easiest way to be a pos to a lot of people. It's the easy way out if you want to be adversarial. Pick something that actually has some kind of meaning and be an indomitable whale schlong about that. Racism is so easy.

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