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Is it possible to add a salvage option to grenades, and shields, mods for scrip? Running arkfalls find myself picking up lots of these and then having to stop farming to go and unload.

Any plans to tone down eviscerate on assassin? I know this gets asked all the time.

Demolition cluster projectile doesn't work with squash swarmer. Is this a bug or intentional?

Timeframe on bug fix for venom spitter mastery affecting all guns?
I'll need to follow up with the team to see about finding answers for these questions. I've set your post aside so I can follow up on it after the stream today.

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Are you still planning to do a Christmas event?

Is Engineer class still on schedule to be released around Christmas?
While not specifically a Christmas event, there is an event running currently, so I think this one is covered. The Engineer will not be coming this year. It was in progress during the transition to gamigo, so things still need to be finished up. No ETA for it at the moment.

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Will better security measures be put in place for the Defiance forums? We've grown tired of all of the routine spam that fills the general discussion forums each and every morning.
We have made changes to the core p[ermissions for posting on the forums, but we want to avoid becoming too strict since that would also prevent new players from posting in the forums at all. It's a balancing act and we're still working on this. The spam has been reduced by these changes, but when it happens it's still a major pain for the community, so we're doing our best to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Reporting these posts is a huge help for us.

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When will there be another Defiance (2013) stream?
No plans to bring back OG Defiance streams. It's not 100% ruled out, just not likely.