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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Hey everyone!

    We're going to have a Defiance 2050 livestream from our Austin, TX office on Friday. Please get your questions in for the team and we'll do our best to answer what we can.

    Keep in mind that there will absolutely be some things we can't answer, but we will get answers where we can.

    Hmm... fair enough... So, who's going to win this week's beard contest livestream? Sorry, but I just don't know what to ask nowadays lol

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    What time will the Live Stream be?

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    To Gamigo: I hope you truly listen to the Players and deliver (We are your Money Source)

    This post is for the new owners to read and answer. I don't want to hear what the lickers have to say. I myself like many others, want change and promises kept and action.

    (1) 5 years on and the void on the map in San Fran is still not fixed (There was meant to be some sort of a Palace there originally)

    (2) PR System: It has killed the enthusiasm and joy of players. There is nothing exciting to achieve anymore, like there was with the Ego System leveling (The Game is Dead). It seriously needs to be replaced by something better than even both systems or give us back the Ego System leveling. When people can play your game and are able to forget about the stresses of life, you have done a better job.

    (2a) PR System: It robbed players of Trading un hope to get a better weapon for a good price. (A clever scam by trion to make money) so that people might buy from the store. Trion bled us all of the joy of playing this game.

    (2b) Trading: No Clan Leaders can offer a little prize to their members when they have in-clan competitions. It kept the joy going and one of many reasons that kept players interested in playing this game, while trion bled us of something else.

    (2c) PR System: There is no goal to achieve with this System, othar than get to 5k, then what? It is an empty goal/s and causes discouragement and peopel leave the game.

    (2d) PR System: It has killed the potential of seeing players with true skills at events, like we saw with the Ego System. Many noobs now can beat high level players at Majors. Warmaster is no longer exciting like it was in the old system. The rewards at the end makes it not even worth playing it.

    (3) The prizes in Pursuits are pretty pathetic.

    (4) By now, one would have expected new vehicle models.

    (4a) Vehicles: Many new players keep asking where can they buy a vehicle. They cant get anything decent or faster, until they reach level 50 Ego, so they can do dailys and weeklys that eran Reputation currency to buy one.

    (5) Drop Rates: This situation in the game is pathetic in open world, and other Matches. It gives no enthusiasm to players to play, because there is nothing worth grinding for. It gives us all some joy at the end, of gaining something worthwhile for our current level. Also there is nothing in the game, which gives players something that no other player has, that might give them an upper hand in events etc.

    (6) Clan Weapons, Shields, Nades Pool: Every Clan needs this. It will help Clans support all Players on every level to access anytime and distribute by Founder and Leaders to Members in Clan. When you give people joy, it gives them reason to say.

    (7) Clans: I have played D13 for about 3 years and later left the game completely, due to the many changes trion made, which not only destroyed my clan but many clans. Players left by the droves, after they couldn't bare the disrespect they received from trion and the fact trion never listened to us when we voiced our thoughts in the forum.

    Not only that, people like myself were banned, because "We" told it how it was, on behalf of our Clans and all other players.

    Your money flows from your players, if you listen and give us the joy we ask for, your game will prosper and so will all Clans. This is the indicator that you are doing something good for us, but when clans come and go, you know they players are not happy.

    I have recently started playing on D50, it is hollow and empty and has no substance. All the joy of playing has been ripped out of it. I hope you listen to my plea of drastic changes and others, else you may end up in the same boat as trion without a paddle.

    (8) Daily Spamming: Its very discouraging to see all this crap being spammed on multiple pages everyday, STILL 4 years later. It washes out every genuine message that needs your attention Gamigo. Please fix this ASAP.

    (9) Progress and Rebuilding: This Game is called Defiance 2050, meaning that some time has proceeded since the first D13. Why do we still see original buildings on the map and not new towns, or villages. It is natural, that the people in the series would have worked to rebuild towns etc. Why not do the same for the game with some thing new in them as well.

    (10) The Tunnel: In the beginning of D13, it was rumored that a tunnel was going to be built through the mountain from around Kith and Kinship area to Port Stinson. Would you consider doing this still? Any maybe load it with unlimited spawns of different types of enemies, for a chance of a proto of different types. Or make it into a challenge, "Try to Get Through the Tunnel".

    (11) Permanent Enemy Hangouts: I would like to see an enemy hangout place in every region from Earth Republic all the way to San Fran, which you can see at a distance from the road, a massive hoard of that enemy type. This would add a little spice and excitement to the game offering rewards if you can kill them all. But as a further suggestion, make these gangs like in number of 100. A place for each region where there is no others like them.

    (12) Valor Store: Some of us spent a lot of money on D13, which gave us Valor Credit in D50. I had 99k and I bought the Valor Shop out, except a few titles.

    I would like you to add a lot more to the Valor Store please, and not just crap, but unique items that cannot be bought by other means. I still have have 67k Valor Credit to spend.

    Another suggestion is: Because we "Paying Customers" have spent so much in the past supporting your company, I would like you to give us in the Valor Store, all the Paid Game Pack items that were ever produced that were a part of those packs, despite the fact that we may not have bought them in the past. This to me would be a way to say thank you to us for "Our" support. *41st Century Agent and many others, including all Vehicles.

    (13) Volge Swarms (Bathhouse & Northpoint Mine): You cannot complete the Volge Pursuit to collect the reactor when they finish, because it immediately switches back to the enemy that normally spawn in each of them. There needs to be a delay put in place to allow players to collect this reactor and finish that Side Mission.

    (14) Clan Chat Bug: I encountered a Clan Bug in D50 this week, which also occured in D13. I finally found out how it is happening. If a player is in another clan on another char or have their own clan, and also have a char in my clan (Same Account), our clan chats cross and I can read what they type in clan chat and visa versa. I had to remove that player from my Clan on D50, due to the fact that they can see our conversations and game tips.

    (15) All the Paradise Time Trial Races are beyond ridiculous. The Cars supplied in the races have absolutely no control and handle like a feather in the wind. Secondly, the races are too long and its like hypnosis going through the lit up arches for 2 long laps.

    On top of that, oftentimes about 5 emergencies spawn along the track which slow you down. The races are an utter joke. Even when you manage to clear the track and start all over again, I still cannot get bronze. I no longer do these races. Whats the point?

    Some suggestions I have for you is, when someone starts a race, all enemy's are removed from the track automatically. Secondly, give us the option of choosing a vehicle that we want to race with and are familiar with and finally, if that don't work, PLEASE REMOVE PARADISE RACES. I am assuming that many players do do these races. So why have them at all, especially when there are so many issues that already lag the game?

    (16) 2050 Store: The Store is an utter joke. It has nothing to lure or inspire me to even want to spend a lot of money on this game. A Store should give paying players far better items than from rewards or drops in the game. All these years, the customers have been ripped off and bled dry of all enthusiasm and left in dismay.

    The harsh reality in the past on D13 was when we could buy weapons in a chest from the Store, trion bled us bad again and gave us nothing for our money.

    You would think that you would get something good if you buy it, but instead of giving us a specific weapon with a random roll, we got a RNG chest full of crap that gave you crap and never what you hoped for. Gamigo, please give us better service than what trion gave us.

    I would like to see the weekend "Two for One Deals" brought back, supported with ingame advertising for unique Weapons, Shield, Nades for each upcoming weekend. Also a random "Awesome Deals" on Wednesdays in Store unadvertised (Lucky Dip - Make sure your online).

    Suggestion: Full Outfit and Helmet set with +Armor or +Repel or +Jump +Run +SurpriseMe (inShop Only)

    (17) Prototypes: A serious question here. If you are pushed for time so badly, why on earth did you create the Venom Spitter and Sugar Injector? Firstly, the Venom is an absolute joke and utterly useless. It looks amazing that is all. The angle of projection is beyond ridiculous and I cannot see the enemy or others around me when I focus on them to shoot. Why add a weapon to the game that no one will use?

    Secondly, the Sugar is useless too! It does bugger all damage to anything. Why not just copy and paste the full scrit of the old Canker into the Sugar file. I'm sure many would use it then.

    The only use I have with these 2 Proto's is for simply leveling up my stupid PR. The time used to make, adjust and any other repeated actions concerning these 2 weapons, could have been used on fixing up critical bug issues or developing a better playing system for the game.

    (18) Old Staff: Does Senior GM Destromathe still work for Gamigo?

    (19) LIVESTREAM: When and what time will livestream occur? You told us Friday. Which Friday is that and what time on that Friday? You haven't posted any ad about this on Glyph or in Forum. My timezone is +10, so I need some clarity here please.

    (20) Tickets: When are you going to answer my tickets and other players tickets?

    (20) Inventory Increase: The default size of inventory is 40, without paying for extra slots. If you are going to keep this "PR System" in place, then please increase the default inventory slots to at least 80-100.

    Also, I would like to suggest that you raise the cap of 200 inventory slots to 500.

    WHY? Because this System requires us to gather loot to salvage and along the way, we also gain some moderately ok items for that level we are currently on and choose to keep them and mod them.

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    Hey folks,

    Closing up the thread on Thursday morning so I can get the questions to the team. This is the last chance to get questions in for this week.

    Keep in mind we won't be able to answer everything, but we'll do our best to answer what we can.
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    Can we get other Ranks for Clan Members? Also can we get a way to adjust what Officers and Leaders can do within the clan?

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    Something I have been wondering, why is it we can kill our selves with our rockets and detonators but the enemies can just run through there's and not be effected.

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    The VS is an amazing Weapon and doesn't need to touched.

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    Be careful with listening to whinners that don't have certain weapons they are always trying to get good guns nerfed. The VS is a good Weapon it just takes skill to use. We don't need infectors in the game.

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    as stated d13 will continue to run will it still be supported with bug fixes and updates, the game is in the worst state in many years. Also I think a lot of console players would like to see d13 on consoles, many of us including myself don't care to play d2050
    disconnect parody
    defiance pax parody
    professor chaos69
    founder chaos crew pc/na
    all players welcome

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    Will the D-13 store be coming back for the holidays, or ever for that matter? Don't play 2050, tried it & did not like it. Please confirm TY.

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