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Thread: Cheating .

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    Cheating .

    Sick and tired of this cheaters runnin' around rampant and blatant and no one does nothing about it ! Do we have to be your anticheat ? There's a guy on EU server loging in every day playing for few months already dude got to lvl 70 in sniper rifles the other day realy ? you allow such things . It's time for naming and shaming on forums since tickets do nothing to stop the issue . Dude is around 3700 pr atm he got few protos here and there imagine that he got to play that long to reach 3700 Pr and get prototypes . And here i am playing fair killing 32k mutants in a week and get nothing what a joke . This dude's online handle is Manisafe and his ign is 1-18-253 if i log in another day and see him online well good bye Defiance .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mare1993 View Post
    Not understanding why he is a cheater because he dropped a fue prototypes.And if this is the person you accused you should not post this picture or his name on the forum.File a tickets like everyone else. You rng is not a reason to scream cheat.If he had the same prototypes as you would you have posted he is a cheater? lol i don't think so.

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    First of all i didn't call him a cheater just because he have prototypes i just pointed out that someone who blatantly cheat reached 3700 pr and got protoypes . Second i said that he is cheating because he does and whole EU server knows that we saw him on multiple ocasions one shooting visceras with purple sniper rifle on BH siege , 3-rd If u didn't read properly dont answer ! And 4-th did you see i said the dude have lvl 70 skill in sniper rifles ? if so do you think that's normal behavior ? Lol again first read then say something sir .

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    And btw multiple ppl sent tickets regarding that same guy with video evidence and got nothing out of it just some generated response nonsense like always so there is nothing left to do but name and shame until dude finaly gets punished .

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    That doesn't change the fact that naming and shaming is a violation of forum rules. Shame on you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexMonk View Post
    That doesn't change the fact that naming and shaming is a violation of forum rules. Shame on you.
    Wll i'm not ashamed for speaking the truth.

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    After the update, the sniper riffle somehow became OP. That low PR is probably from equipping low pr weapon/shield/grenade (some player just simply removed them). This is another exploit btw.

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