The Ultimate Class Pack (UCP) is on sale for PS4 since 11/15. It's a 50% discount. But of course, since this is a sale still planned in the Trion era (PC and XBox got similar sales a time back), it has... issues. In all cases, since the PS4 sale below is on until 11/26, I'd STRONGLY suggest you wait for Black Friday sales on 11/23 to drop -- Gamigo already said they will participate -- before buying it. Perhaps we could get an even better deal then if PS Plus decides to give an even better discount. Read more to know why that could be a possibility.

So, first, did I know about that sale via the numerous Trion channels I follow, including the forum? If you have been a Defiance player in 2018, you already know the answer. I only discovered that because I was about to write an article on the forums, asking Gamigo to not screw our Black Friday this year, and needed information from the *Brazilian* PS4 and XBOX stores. Where I discovered the sale, but unfortunately, also verified that the UCP (and the entire 2050 line) is STILL 50% more expensive for PS4 players here than the XBox One packs. Worst, currently, XBox Live Gold players also have a 50% discount on top of the already lower price they get on the entire Defiance 2050 line (not just the UCP, that I'm using as an example here).

Bottom line:

Normal price of the UCP *in the US* for the PS4: $49.99
Currently on sale for everybody at: $29.99. No PS Plus or benefits or Black Friday Sales apply. This is a "Trion" sale, that has already been offered in the recent past to XBox One and PC Users
Verifiable at:

XBox US has currently the same prices above, but the discount comes from Gold Benefits, meaning the UCP is not actually on sale for everybody there. IF Black Friday sales hit the UCP, XBox players all around the world, with XBox Live membership, will actually get the UCP at an even lower price

Normal price of the UCP *in Brazil* for the XBox One: R$ 99,00
(BTW, this is the "normal" price point for games in Brazil)
Currently with Gold: R$ 49,50. XBox Live Gold Benefits
Verified at:

Normal price of the UCP *in Brazil* for the PS4: R$ 173,50
(50% higher than the XBox BR Price)
Currently on sale for: R$ 76,75
Verifiable at:

I say "still" because that's how it's been since the pack appeared in the Brazilian stores, months ago, and I wrote a post about it, which Trion never even recognized, oficially. 5 months later, Trion - or Sony/Microsoft -- never fixed the prices across PS4/XBox One stores and Gamigo may not even know about it.

The post, from 07/26, with both pictures and links describing the discrepancies between XBox/PS4 pricing:

Packs on XBOX1 are 50% cheaper than PS4 in Brazil (!!!)

I really don't care if the correct price is the PS4 one (higher, which would be really not smart from Gamigo's part, since TERA and Paladins, both F2P, have similar packs like the UCP all priced at the R$ 49/R$ 59/R$ 69/R$ 99 price point in Brazil. Heck, I just bought the TERA Deluxe Starter Pack for R$ 32,50 at a sale). But put yourself in my position: *as a PS4 player in Brazil*: it's hard to look at my friends on XBox and seeing they are always getting the better deal regarding prices (well, they didn't have Sieges activated for them for months, but still). As a matter of fact, I'm happy for then, because R$ 99 IS the really "correct" price for games in Brazil. The Dollar Exchange Rate skyrocketed in Brazil in the last 4 years, due to a severe economic crisis here, and games above R$ 99 simply don't sell, unless they are juggernauts like Fallout 76.

I guess my overall message with this post is that it is really hard to be a PS4 Defiance Customer outside the US. As you may remember, NO PS4 users from around the world could buy the Ultimate Founder's Pack when it was launched. I know, head start was a mess, but that's not the point.

Regarding the sale, my humble advice is this: wait until BF, then buy it there *if you still have an interest in this game*, it will be a good deal even at the current sale.