• US server
  • Time: 13:00 GMT +10 (map was good at app 09:00)
  • Game Details:All over the map
  • Character Details: EGO 50 Medic
  • Expected Outcome:I expect to see and to be able to interact with other players, events, and items
  • Observed Outcome:The map is empty, some events are showing (Arkfall near Muir Processing Plant - which has expired/disappeared since this problem started)
  • Repro Steps:every time i restart the game - so far (about 5 times).
  • Image/Video Documentationocumentation would just show the standard map or a normal world without interactive elements - I do not have an upload site...
Sometime I get a crashhandler message when closing the game, I do not know if there is a diagnostic I can run to check games integrity.

Update: It eventually sorted itself out, after about an hour...