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    I would be happy with them just cutting in half the amount of races you have to use the ATV...god that thing is a big pos. Turns like a dump truck with no power steering. Or even better, just let us use our own vehicles, why is this not a thing? Why do we need to use atv, durango, challenger. IMO the atv is the worst out of all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulli jr View Post
    You're admitting that you're hitting things. Part of the driving skill is avoiding things. All I'm saying is that you can complete them as they are in game now if you use your driving skill...even with the low hp vehicles.
    yes of course you can, as long as 3 roadsides don't happen right in front of you or a major or minor arkbreak doesn't spawn right beside the path or on it , thus not allowing your vehicle through . Everything is doable ,given the right circumstances. When there's 5 enemies strewn across a narrow space, it's hard not to clip one , which blows your vehicle up. The other day I clipped a 99r heal bot , kaboom . Nothing to do with skill , as I have beat almost all of these races too many times . Comes down to being lucky to not have rng throw you a fastball on the path , which you cannot avoid.
    Anyways, back to main topic of the op .
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