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    Black Fiday PS4 vs. Black Friday Bargain Crates

    Repair simple hot and cold water taps Indoor hot and cold water faucets often encounter water leaks and water blockage. Let's find out the structure and how to remove it to be able to fix the hot water faucet yourself. Special construction of hot and cold water faucet Modern hot and cold water faucet has a handle that controls the maximum temperature and water flow rate or stops completely. This 2-function faucet type is more user-friendly than others with 2 hot and cold taps. Moreover, saving water use is also better because the proportion of warm water - cold water stored does not need to be adjusted at every start. Each faucet of this type receives warranty from the manufacturer from 3 to 5 years because it has very high durability. However, nothing is permanent, nothing is not interrupted. Except after a period of using the sink faucet, the shower faucet will be damaged. Water leakage is the most easily encountered case.

    Constructing hot and cold faucets
    Enclosure: includes a faucet with a washbasin or wall. Filters and filters.
    Core part: includes the entire core with functions for decomposing hot and cold water when used
    To repair damaged hot and cold faucets first need to dismantle the hot and cold batteries, which is quite difficult for those who are new to repair. It is better to ask for help from the electric and water repair service at the professional house. Currently, Truong Gia construction is a prestigious unit in water and electricity repair services. We are present in all districts in Ho Chi Minh City to meet:

    Water repair in Go Vap district
    Water repair in Tan Binh district
    Water repair in Binh Thanh district
    Steps to repair hot and cold water taps
    First, determine the damage in the part and discard it. Turn off the water, lock the water valve
    The seal must be removed including the openings of the screw lever. Tightened to the tap screw head. Hexagonal screws need to use a dedicated screwdriver to remove.
    After the screw is removed the handle is pulled up.
    Use a cross screwdriver to remove the protective screw and remove the hand to turn on the faucet
    Remove the entire position of the tap and remember the exact location of each part. The weakest place is rubber gaskets.
    Check if the water control valve is damaged or chipped
    A torn rubber ring causes the leak of water in the faucet. You should replace a sealing ring. Then reassemble it in the reverse order as it was removed. Should clean the parts, should be sanded carefully.
    The disc is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
    Make sure the new disc valve is suitable for hot and cold water faucets that need replacing
    Note when repairing hot and cold taps
    With cheap faucets from 200,000 - 400,000 VND, you should replace them with new ones. Because repair costs are more expensive than new ones. And the faucet has a high price of 600,000 VND, so it requires repair. Choose a reputable unit to repair and replace functions correctly. Disassembly and installation should follow the original position. Extremely simple and if you pay attention you can do it.

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    red dead 2 ps4 pro bundle is the better deal. those $199. non pro ps4 bundles have been sold out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sage12 View Post
    Good deals on PS4 and lack of anything from the Trion team kinda don't leave much room for debate here.
    You hit the nail on the head right here.

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