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    Abominable warmaster ps4?

    Anyone seen this spawn or managed to use ark spikes and get one i can not for the life of me understand where its at

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    Look for major arkbreak locations. You’ll know if it’s a holiday slot by the name.
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    Yea they are spawning periodically.
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    So do i have to use keys to spawn it and will it tell me before its set off if its an xmas version because all i see over and over are major arkfalls near fork etc but they are all standard warmaster Appreciate the replies sorry if i dont fully follow. They didnt explain well.on their recent stream.

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    The name on the map is different
    When you get there, there's snow, everything is white
    You don't need keys, you need the usual spikes. You can use a key at the end because there's a "chest"

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    Ah ok pretty obvious then yea i meant spikes not keys haha cheers guess ive been unlucky not to see one

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