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Easy way take a clip go on there profile then report them to Microsoft for cheating what we do on ark since wildcard barely does anything and Microsoft a bit more harsher report the same person enough with proof their profile and possible their xbox banned too
This is your best bet. Microsoft has gotten more strict in recent years in bringing down the banhammer. Bans also tend to be permanent and your Gamertag profile is permanently marked with "CODE OF CONDUCT" all over the place for all to see. I'm surprised thought that people are bothering to cheat on Defiance on Console. It really doesn't seem like something worth wasting time on. :-P If you want to grief people and risk getting banned do it in more popular games like Call of Cancer.

Though to be fair, console bans are more costly. Not only do you have to buy a copy of the game, but you also have to buy online access with xbox live gold or playstation plus. Though here I am trying to bring logic to people who cheat/grief so, never mind. :-P